• 2012 Metz Road Monterey Pinot Noir

    [Some quick tasting notes on this one from contributor Josh L as this is a great price on a good wine] Very soft cork (well stored). Seems like one of their “fire sale” buys (expiring vintage like Far Niente chard. Color has slight tinge of brown (probably due to age). Nose on bottle open is ...
  • Stags Karia Chardonnay

    Balance is the key here to this excellent Chardonnay I found at a Costco in Reno, NV with a $5 off special, taking the already fair price of $24.99 (retail is closer to $35), down to $19.99.  I should have bought a few more. This wine starts with huge aromas of vanilla, butter and cream, ...
  • 2013 Textbook Napa Chardonnay

    I found this to be an excellent Chardonnay, balanced perfectly between fruit, oak, acidity and body.  Just lovely really from start to finish.  Costco’s price of $18.99 is well below the retail price of $25, and this drinks like a wine that cost even more than that. Vibrant nose, loads of fruit; apple, lemon, orange ...
  • 2011 Castelli del Grevepesa Castelgreve Chianti Classico Riserva

    Here’s a great value buy at Costco.  The label has everything you want to see: Chianti Classico, Riserva, DOCG, and a price tag at Costco of only $12.99.  I dropped this one in the cart almost automatically when walking by and you should too because this is a perfect food wine for almost anything, amazing ...
  • 2015 Kirkland Signature Cotes du Rhone Villages

    I was kind of surprised to see the ’15 vintage of this arrive at my Costco stores, since it was about a year ago that we reviewed the 2013, so looks like we missed a vintage in there (coincidentally we jumped from ’11 to ’13 so maybe this one does skip vintages).   Regardless, I thought ...
  • 2014 Seghesio Zinfandel

    It’s been a while since I reviewed the Seghesio Zinfandel, and it’s too bad because it is such a solid and dependable choice for jammy summer reds.  The 2014 vintage, which is out now at Costco and available for $19.59, continues this tradition, and is a fun go to bottle when you’re looking for something ...
  • 2007 Bodega Los Aljibes Selectus

    This is a really interesting wine that was recommended by a reader and I got lucky and found it on my next visit to Costco. The label is very distinct, so super easy to find when you know what you’re looking for.  I had to do some digging around online to learn more this one, as ...
  • 2012 Bodega Cuarto Dominio Chento Malbec

    Massive bargain here.  Great wine at an amazing price.  For anyone who’s ever written to me and said they can’t find the wines we review at their local Costco, I really hope you can find them all someday, but I really really hope you can find this one.  At only $13.89 at Costco, it is ...
  • 2014 Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc

    Here’s a great summer pleaser, and a wine I’ve always enjoyed in large part because it’s made in a white Bordeaux style with a bit of Semillion in the blend.  This creates a wine that’s still packed with flavor but the lower acidity and extra body of the Semillion keeps the “puckerness” under control, which I prefer, plus I find ...
  • 2008 Terra D'Uro Seleccion Toro

    This is a big one, bold, loaded with flavor and a great buy in my opinion for $17.79 at my local Costco.  I’m just drawn to these Spanish wines now as I continue to find incredible value, and this one is a great example of the caliber of wine you can score from Spain for ...