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2013 Kirkland Signature Cotes du Rhone Villages

2013 Kirkland Signature Cotes du Rhone Villages

2013 Kirkland Signature Cotes du Rhone VillagesKirkland Signature wines historically offer a nice bang for the buck (like most Kirkland items at Costco), and the KS Cotes du Rhone Villages always seems to lead the way in terms of unbelievable value since it is priced at only $6.99.  You just can’t find wines from this region priced that low so I highly recommend seeking this one out.  And I’ve already heard from a few readers, and our contributor Josh, who have found and enjoyed this wine.

Many of the same characteristics I noted in the 2011 vintage apply to the 2013, and I’ll probably score it similarly in the 88-89 range.  This is an impressive little package, a lot of flavor packed into a wine with a lighter body than I was expecting.  It’s a little unassuming at first, but in a good way once you get in.

Nose is peppery, earthy.  The blend is standard Rhone: Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre. Flavors of dark fruit, blueberry, blackberry, jammy; a fair amount of depth for a $7 wine.  Leather towards the end, into the finish that’s dusty, dry and lasting.

Overall, one of the best buys I’ve found at $7.  I can’t think of any other wines priced this low that I felt had this much going on.  Worth a try. Rating: 88 Points

Costco item number: 887774

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA (Cumberland)


Tuesday 18th of August 2015

Just "wetting" my feet regarding the wine world. Love Costco and they have an interesting collection of wine. Bought a bottle of this along with a Malbec from Argentina and a red blend from Rioja Spain. Glad to have found this blog and know the wine will be worth it. FYI - Glenview, IL costco shoppers don't appreciate it because there were quite a few bottles.

Bill Clarkson

Tuesday 18th of August 2015

I ran across this wine three summers ago after spending two weeks in Sablet drinking reds from every village I could visit. What great buys and solid CDR reds they have been (before they sell out)! How about some rosés from the region and farther south? Whispering Angel is fine but the price point is way above a legion of superb French choices (Kermit Lynch and Robert Kacher have been importing many for years). And frankly, the bulk pink from the co-op between Sablet and Roaix is more than a match for the Coppola Sofia.


Tuesday 18th of August 2015

Awesome. Glad you enjoy the site. Be sure to let us know of any good Costco wines you discover that you think we would like and should review. Andrew

Sam Cochran

Tuesday 11th of August 2015

Agree with the comments. A very good buy at this price point, nice red fruit, easy to drink, medium to long finish, very clean. A contender for house red. Thanks for pointing this one out.


Saturday 8th of August 2015

Yes, yes and yes.......another winner from my old friend DC Flynt MW....nice job. Bulk buy.

Michael Johnston

Saturday 8th of August 2015

I routinely buy cases of this one. In Charlotte Costcos, it sells out quickly.

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