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Thanks for visiting, and we’re glad you’re here.  We started this site for fun because we love to find awesome wines at great prices from Costco.  And we’ve since learned there are a lot of people just like us out there.

To get started, we’d suggest:

Read this blog post on everything we’ve learned in the 10+ years we’ve been running the site.

Next, we published a story on The Daily Meal outlining 8 secrets for scoring wine deals at Costco.  Read this for sure.

If you’re still going after that, congrats, you are very much like us and share a similar passion for discovering new wines from Costco.  You should subscribe to our emails to stay abreast of the latest reviews. We will never, ever in a million years spam you or share your email address because we hate that stuff too.

Here’s a link that catalogs all our Recommended Wines.  This is a good one to bookmark on your phone’s browser so you can quickly bring up the list when you’re perusing the wine aisle at your local Costco.

Now you’re officially part of the crew.  Go ahead and browse the rest of the site.  We hope you enjoy.

— Andrew Cullen, Founder and Editor