2013 Stags Leap Winery Napa Valley Merlot

2013 Stag's Leap Winery Napa Valley MerlotGUEST POST By: Paul Hodgins of I LIKE THIS GRAPE

The giants of the wine media have been raving about Napa’s Stags Leap district for years. This “valley within a valley” about four miles north of the town of Napa is small – only about 2,700 acres, roughly half of it under vine – but its unique properties are well known in the wine world. Most wine writers describe the region’s wine with variations of the phrase “power and elegance.” The large diurnal swing in the area creates the perfect balance of acid and sugar as well as a longer growing season, which many Bordeaux varietals thrive on.


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2011 Castelli del Grevepesa Castelgreve Chianti Classico Riserva

2011 Castelli del Grevepesa Castelgreve Chianti Classico RiservaHere’s a great value buy at Costco.  The label has everything you want to see: Chianti Classico, Riserva, DOCG, and a price tag at Costco of only $12.99.  I dropped this one in the cart almost automatically when walking by and you should too because this is a perfect food wine for almost anything, amazing fruit and well assembled; hard to believe it was only $12.99.


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Costco Wine Cartoons by Doug Pike #38

Costco Wine Cartoons by Doug Pike #38

Doug Pike is a member of the National Cartoonists Society and the author of THE FINAL PRESIDENT.

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2011 Kirkland Signature Series Brunello di Montalcino

2011 Kirkland Signature Series Brunello di MontalcinoThe Kirkland Brunello is back with the 2011 vintage, right on the heels of the excellent 2010 vintage that was released earlier this year.  As expected, readers have been writing in about this new arrival, and I’m thrilled to have finally found it near me.  But I’m even more excited because I stocked up on the ’10 before it disappeared, in part because I loved the wine and wanted to keep a few on hand, but also so that I could compare future vintages against it.  So here’s a double review, pitting the new ’11 against the awesome ’10.  And I’ll say up front, there’s a clear winner.


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2015 Kirkland Signature Cotes du Rhone Villages

2015 Kirkland Signature Cotes du Rhone VillagesI was kind of surprised to see the ’15 vintage of this arrive at my Costco stores, since it was about a year ago that we reviewed the 2013, so looks like we missed a vintage in there (coincidentally we jumped from ’11 to ’13 so maybe this one does skip vintages).   Regardless, I thought this ’15 held up nicely like in year’s past and for only $6.99 is one of those Kirkland steals that we are so lucky to be able to buy at the warehouse. Most Cotes du Rhone Villages wines start at double that and move up from there.


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2014 Seghesio Zinfandel

2014 Seghesio ZinfandelIt’s been a while since I reviewed the Seghesio Zinfandel, and it’s too bad because it is such a solid and dependable choice for jammy summer reds.  The 2014 vintage, which is out now at Costco and available for $19.59, continues this tradition, and is a fun go to bottle when you’re looking for something a little different but not wanting to sacrifice big flavor.


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2014 Kirkland Signature Chateauneuf du Pape

Kirkland Signature Chateauneuf du PapeFinally, I found it, and not at any of my Atlanta area Costcos.  Nope, instead I found it during a trip to Reno, NV at a Costco with a surprisingly strong selection of wine.  I was impressed, and out of everything they had, this was the bottle I was looking for.  But, as I’ll explain here, I’m not super in love with the ’14 vintage of this wine, especially coming off what I thought was an absolutely delicious ’13 vintage that I scored 93 points last year.


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2014 Kirkland Signature Stags Leap District Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

2014 Kirkland Signature Stags Leap District Napa Cabernet SauvignonSo there are a bunch of new Kirkland wines that hit the Costco stores near me lately, and I bought most of them and will try to get all the reviews up soon.  I’ll start with this Stags Leap bottle, which I was really excited about since it is one of my favorite places in Napa Valley, and I’ve always found the Kirkland offerings to be solid values in the past.  But while I went 90 points on last year’s Kirkland Stags, I’m going to have to go a bit lower this year.  It is a nice wine and a good buy for this area at only $19.99.  It just really came off to me a mediocre wine from this area.  Sure, maybe worth the price, but it doesn’t scream “Stags Leap” like some of my other favorites from the area (Cliff Lede, Baldacci).


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2013 Decoy by Duckhorn Sonoma Red Wine

2013 Decoy by Duckhorn Sonoma Red WineI usually enjoy most of Duckhorn’s Decoy wines, particularly the whites, and I find them to be solid values, especially with the competitive prices you can find them for at Costco.  This Sonoma red Bordeaux style blend was $17.89, which is well below anywhere else I’ve seen it, and a good 25% below retail.


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2007 Bodega Los Aljibes Selectus

2007 Bodega Los Aljibes SelectusThis is a really interesting wine that was recommended by a reader and I got lucky and found it on my next visit to Costco.  The label is very distinct, so super easy to find when you know what you’re looking for.  I had to do some digging around online to learn more this one, as I was curious about the 94 points from Parker (sticker is front and center on the neck of the bottle) as well as the varietal makeup in this Spanish (La Mancha) red blend.


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