2012 Chateau Grand Jean Bordeaux Superieur

2012 Chateau Grand Jean Bordeaux SuperieurFor an everyday table wine, I thought this was a pretty good buy.  It was $7.89, and I was looking for an easy red for my wife and I to sip on while we grilled some BBQ chicken and vegetables.  This one fit the bill quite nicely, as so often Bordeaux can.

It’s a simple wine, light purple on the pour with a nose of wild berries and spice.  Medium to full in body with a red fruit profile, sour cherry and plum, some leather and a healthy dose of acidity.  Finishes ok, maybe a little fast.  There’s nothing unpleasant about this wine at any point.  At this price, it’s a great value buy and the perfect everyday drinker, or second bottle when you want something easy and versatile.


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2013 Four Graces Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

2013 Four Graces Willamette Valley Pinot NoirPinot noir fans take note of this one.  Costco’s price is $22.99 and the wine is worth every penny (Wine.com sells it on sale for $29).  This is a lovely Pinot that pours dark and rich in the glass, leading you to believe it’s an entirely different wine.  But once you get into it, it’s rich, yes, but gentle and elegant.  I really enjoyed this one all around.


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5 Must Read Books About Wine

book-wine1-615x460I don’t have a formal wine education and while I’ve thought about pursuing a certification of some sorts, I have acquired my limited (I think wine is a lifelong journey) but growing knowledge of wine through reading books, sampling wines and sharing wine experiences with other people (and readers of this site), especially those who are more knowledgeable than me.


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2014 Soledad Ucles Solmayor Tempranillo

2014 Soledad Ucles Solmayor TempranilloJust a heads up, I’m working on a book about Spanish wines as part of my Decoding Wine Series, so I’m going to be scooping up as many as I can find at Costco and in particular, will be looking for those from smaller, more diverse regions within Spain.  I am a big fan of Spanish wines, and believe right now, that they offer some of the best quality, style and value in the world of wine.  At $6.99, which about as cheap as a bottle gets, even at Costco, I figured this was a good one to start with, but it ended up falling a bit flat of my expectations.


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2012 Starmont Carneros Chardonnay

2012 Starmont Carneros ChardonnayThis Chardonnay was $9.99 after a $5 discount so I thought that sounded appealing for a ’12 Carneros.  And after cracking it open, I realized that it was indeed very appealing.  This is a lovely, balanced Chardonnay that we enjoyed outside on a mild spring evening.  Starmont is part of the Merryvale wine portfolio.


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Dear Readers: A Very Quick Favor

Gentle Slaughter Cover - Even smaller

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Dear Costco Wine Blog Readers,

Writing about wines and Costco wine in particular is a lot of fun for me, but I also have a deep passion for writing fiction and sharing stories.  If you enjoy what you read on my site, perhaps you’ll enjoy my fiction as well, but I’m not pitching you to buy anything here.  Instead, I just want to ask a quick favor of you.


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2013 Kirkland Signature Series Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

2013 Kirkland Signature Series Napa Valley Cabernet SauvignonHere’s another Kirkland wine that I’ve been anxiously awaiting – the 2013 Signature Series Napa Cab.  I really enjoyed the 2012 vintage of this wine, which was a fantastic growing year, and 2013 was according to some accounts, almost equally as good.


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2014 Kirkland Signature Russian River Pinot Noir

2014 Kirkland Signature Russian River Pinot NoirSometimes I find myself in a situation where the wine is just ok but it’s fairly priced at Costco and therefore it becomes hard to beat up on it too much.  This is one of those wines.  And I’ve held similar feelings about past vintages of this wine too.

It’s a Russian River Pinot for $12.99.  You know it’s going to be decent, and you won’t find many more from this area in this price range. For an everyday drinker, the wine is fine and that’s exactly what I would guess it’s intended to be.  I personally would choose to spend a couple extra bucks and move into the Kirkland Willamette Valley Pinot, which I hear is hitting stores again right now.


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Costco Wine Cartoons by Doug Pike #33

Costco Wine Cartoons by Doug Pike #33Doug Pike is a member of the National Cartoonists Society and the author of Gone With The Wine and Eating Out — Way Out!

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Crash Pricing Comes to the Wine World

winecrasherI love great wine.  And like most of us, I just don’t love the high prices.  That first time you taste a really great bottle, regardless of what it is, your personal bar for taste rises and you want to pull everything you drink up with it. That inexpensive California Pinot you loved last year just doesn’t cut it anymore.


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