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2022 Comte de la Chevaliere Sancerre

2022 Comte de la Chevaliere Sancerre

It’s always nice to find new bottles of Sancerre arriving at Costco, especially as the much-loved Kirkland Sancerre seems to now be gone or near gone at most places we’ve seen.

This bottle is a couple bucks more but well worth it for Sancerre fans.  And Costco’s $21.99 price tag represents a nice discount compared to other outlets we found.  Online this bottle is going for around $26 at most places and up to $33 at Total Wine.

2022 Comte de la Chevaliere Sancerre

This is well made Sancerre, which is 100% Sauvignon Blanc from France’s Loire Valley.

In the glass the wine pours a pale yellow with citrus fruit on the nose; some white peach, green apple, lemon / lime flavor surrounded by nice minerality; good depth of flavor with a crisp and lasting finish.

2022 Comte de la Chevaliere Sancerre

This bottle is a real spring / summer treat so don’t hesitate to stock up if it sounds up your alley.  You don’t find a lot of Sancerre this good around $20.  We’ll be adding to our Top Picks list, and we wish we had bought a few more. Rating: 91 points (a Costco Wine Top Pick)

Costco item number: 1790037

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA (Cumberland)

Alc. 12.5%


Thursday 11th of April 2024

Here, in NE Ohio, I just paid $27.99 for this wine. Sometimes, due to state laws, we pay a little more here than what you list. But a difference of $6 seems a lot. Also, I don't think we ever got the Kirkland Signature Sancerre. I really wish there was a way to know why!


Wednesday 10th of April 2024

I notice that a high percentage of wines at Costco are imported by Tri Vin. What dobyou know about that organization or their affiliation with Costco?


Wednesday 10th of April 2024

Hi Wendell, we don’t know much. We’ve never spoken with them directly.