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5 Costco Wine New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

5 Costco Wine New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

It seems like everyone is posting about New Year’s resolutions and they are all saying the same things about fitness and diets, so let’s have some fun and look at some resolutions specific to buying wine at Costco.  And I plan to commit to doing these myself in 2020.

1. Commit to trying new wines, new regions, new varietals

I think this is the most important thing you can commit to, not just for 2020, but for your wine journey overall.  Stop buying the same wines over and over again.  Be adventurous.  Try that Vermentino instead of a Chardonnay, and a Priorat instead of a California Cabernet. 

Try to buy one new wine every time you visit Costco, and look for the ones you know nothing about from the regions and varietals you’ve never heard of before.  It’s fun, and over time you will vastly expand your wine knowledge, and likely find a number of new wines you love that you might have passed up before.

2. Experiment with food pairings

When it comes to food pairings, everyone has their opinion on what wine goes with what dish.  But just throw all those out the door.  Don’t Google search “what wine pairs with…” in 2020.  Instead, go with your gut, experiment, see if you can find the pairings that work for you, not just the ones someone said you should enjoy.  Report back any interesting ones you discover.

3. Drink more bubbly wine

Costco is such a good place to buy bubbly wine.  The Kirkland Prosecco is only $7, the Kirkland Champagne is $20, and in between you never know what you might find.  I love a glass of bubbly to kick off any meal, any drinking session, any time we’re with friends.  It just puts everyone in a good mood.  Also, learn how to saber bottles open as the ultimate party trick.

There are always a lot of bottles to choose from – try something new on your next visit.

4. Expand your Kirkland wine buying

The Kirkland Signature wines are a gift from Costco to its wine shoppers.  Nine times out of ten, the Kirkland wines will be a good buy and a good representation of the varietals and region for the price.  In 2020, though, spread your Kirkland wine wings a bit. 

If you normally drink the Rutherford Cabernet, try the Stags Leap, or the Columbia Valley Cabernets.  If you like the Carneros Pinot, try the Russian River.  If you enjoy the Sonoma Chardonnay, try the Premier Cru Chablis.  

5. Buy and enjoy an “expensive” bottle of wine on a special occasion

Expensive means different things to different people, but Costco offers great deals on wine at every price point.  The idea here is to just step up a level from where you currently are.  If you’re buying $10 Super Tuscans, try a $20-$30 Super Tuscan.  If you’re drinking $15 Chardonnay, try a $30 bottle from Duckhorn or Grgich Hills. 

I’m not trying so much to push you to buy more expensive wine, but rather to taste a more expensive bottle every now and then, so you have an idea what it’s all about.  Maybe you will like it, maybe not.  But you want that reference point, so we you go back in the price range you prefer, you can find those value buys that you really enjoy. 

This is a big part of what I try to do with this site overall, because who doesn’t want to find the $12 bottles that taste like they cost $30.  The ones we find are always listed on our Top Picks list.

And there you have it – 5 quick Costco wine resolutions to think about in 2020.  So go out there and experiment, be adventurous and let us know any treasures you come across along the way.

-Andrew, editor


Saturday 4th of January 2020

Happy New Year, Andrew -

With regard to sparkling wines, I do hope the powers that be, will consider offering a Spanish Cava; either Kirkland or other. This is a hope of mine in the new year, as their quality has only gotten better in recent years, and offers a drier option to the more common (read: ubiquitous) prosecco.


Saturday 4th of January 2020

I’ve seen a couple Cava’s make a Costco appearance but a Kirkland Cava is a great idea. Would love to see that.

Bates Patricia

Saturday 4th of January 2020

Loved the Kirkland chateauneuf de pape. Where has it gone?


Saturday 4th of January 2020

I’m on the lookout for it too. Afraid they may skip a year as it usually comes out in the summer.

Linda D. Garland

Saturday 4th of January 2020

Happy 2020! Stretch your 2020 wine list comfort zone and explore new wine regions this year! As they say in Italy: "Cin Cin" :)

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