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2019 Kirkland Signature Chianti Classico Riserva

2019 Kirkland Signature Chianti Classico Riserva

Here’s a popular Kirkland wine that’s back in the latest vintage.

First thing we noticed is a price jump to $8.99 from a previous $7.99 that we saw for the 2018 vintage.  Before that it was hovering around $8.49, so this is the first time it’s broken new ground, but still just by a smidge.

Costco Chianti Classico Riserva

Historically, we’ve found this to be a good Kirkland wine, but not a great one.  Here’s a look at our ratings for all the vintage we’ve tasted and reviewed:

2013: 88 points

2014: 88 points

2015: 88 points

2016: 87 points

2017: 86 points

2018: 87 points

So we’re averaging in the ballpark of 87ish points, and that’s again where we land with this new 2019 vintage.  Our tasting notes are very similar to years past as this wine remains super consistent as a light and easy Chianti that is perfect for mid-week pizza night.

The wine pours a light to medium ruby in the glass with red fruit and spice on the nose; in the mouth it is medium in body with more red fruit on the palate; flavors of cherry, anise with earthy undertones; in the finish the wine is dry and acidic.

Costco Chianti Classico Riserva

This vintage was almost exactly what we expected, and our feeling remains consistent.  This is a fair buy and a good wine for the money, but for a few bucks more you can get a decent bump in quality (example: Cecchi Chianti). Rating: 87 points

Costco item number: 944010

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA

Alc. 13.5%

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Friday 14th of October 2022

Am I the only one who has noticed that Kirkland Chianti Classico Reserva 2019 does not qualify to be called a Reserva? To be so categorized, it must spend 24 months on oak and then 3 months in the bottle before release. This wine clearly states that it is aged for 24 months total, with the the last 3 in bottle. That is not a full 24 months on oak. Should Costco be allowed to bend the rules because they sell it for a low price???


Tuesday 2nd of August 2022

It is $9.99 at the Albuquerque COSTCOs. I hadn't seen it before, but was intrigued. A CC RSV at 10 bucks? We had it with the classic Spaghetti & meatballs. It seemed a bit flat and lacking the energy of a CC. Definitely not Riserva quality. 85 as a CC, 82 as a RSV.

Tony Souza

Monday 1st of August 2022

For my market, (Hawaii) I am sure I will find this to be a decent workable wine whenever it shows up in our stores....which is NOT a given. I like this blog but I find maybe only 50% of the wines here ever show up, mostly the KS items. Many of the good alternatives mentioned never show for reasons that Costco doesnt seem able or possibly willing to explain. The only comment I got from a vendor on the floor there was that they have a pretty open hand on what they put on the shelves.... I also laugh when I see comments regarding Total Wine because I and many others would KILL to have a Total Wine store here. I know whenever I visit my in-laws back in the DE/PA region I LOVE going to that store and leave a good $300-400 behind buying wine, spirits, beer for our vacations. Of course, we also lack for Trader Joes and Aldi and lost of other things (dont get me started on Mexican or Italian food or a good deli).

Kevin Knox

Wednesday 27th of July 2022

A consistently underwhelming Kirkland wine. Il Bastardo or Monte Antico Sangiovese at Total Wine for a couple bucks more are far better. Really unfortunate they can’t just deliver a good regular Chianti or Montepulciano for this price or better. Unfortunately their Cotes du Rhône Villages remains the only consistent value in their everyday European wine offerings.

Jeff in Ann Arbor

Wednesday 27th of July 2022

Just picked up a bottle. Upon opening it was a bit thin and sharp and closed in. But what a difference airing 30 minutes has made. Much softer and aromatic, with nice spice.

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