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2021 Kirkland Signature Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

2021 Kirkland Signature Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

We are happy to see this Pinot arriving in stores a little early this year. We typically see this in Q2, April-timeframe, and it’s been a consistent winner over the years.

The price remains $12.99, which is down from the $14.99 price tag we saw on this bottle for a few vintages. And it’s always been a solid buy for quality Pinot from one of our favorite areas.

Kirkland Signature Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

Our reviews over the years keep this bottle in the high 80’s, one 90 point rating on the 2018 vintage that we really enjoyed.

2017 vintage: 89 points

2018 vintage: 90 points

2019 vintage: 89 points

2020 vintage: 89 points

This new 2021 vintage tasted a little different than the prior one as we compare notes. Similar nose and mouthfeel but a little lighter on the flavor.

Kirkland Signature Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

Nose is red berry fruit; medium body; cherry, raspberry, blueberry flavors; nice acidity and pleasant all around; enjoyable, but just a slight step down from the prior year.

We’re going to bring the rating down just one point to 88. Still a very good buy, especially at this price, and a bottle fans of Willamette Pinot should give a taste. Rating: 88 points

Costco item number: 975274

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA (Kennesaw)

Alc. 13%

Lee Moran

Saturday 9th of March 2024

I bought this about 3 weeks ago and loved it. Have been back twice and it’s no longer available. So disappointed. Hope it returns.

Michael Smith

Saturday 17th of February 2024

I have 4 bottles of the 2020 remaining, which I found to be a decent and easy to drink Pinot from a great area. Will look for the 2021 and compare to the previous vintage. Thanks for the review!


Saturday 17th of February 2024

I tried this pinot and I thought it was terrible. There are way too many good reds from WA and OR that would keep me from wasting my money on this wine.

James Ellingson

Wednesday 14th of February 2024

I bought a couple of the 2021s last week and opened a 2020 for reference. I've been avoiding 2020 OR pinot - too much smoke taint - looking at you Underwood. The Kirk Sign had just a hint of smoke in the background - but was otherwise underwhelming.

Did I open it at the wrong time? Post youthful exuberance and pre seasoned depth?

Thank you for your continued efforts - we don't get the same wines here in MN v. GA, but enjoying learning about them just the same.

Cheers, j


Wednesday 21st of February 2024

@James Ellingson, as a fellow MN resident and Costco wine scavenger I wish there was a blog just for us...scores in SLP vs. Burnsville vs. elsewhere. Cheers.

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