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2019 Canvasback Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

2019 Canvasback Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

What a surprise seeing this bottle show up at Costco.

This is from Duckhorn’s WA state property at Red Mountain, and long time readers will know we love these wines. Bang for the buck they are blazing a new path forward for great juice in the US right now.

We’re getting a pretty buy on this bottle at Costco too. Total Wine carries it for $40, $42, retail around $45. Costco is $34.99.

Canvasback Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

Big time ratings across the board. 92 points from Wine Spectator and Jeb Dunnuck. And now CostcoWineBlog too. What a find that drinks like it cost 2X the $35 price tag.

The wine is blended with a few other varietals, coming in at 84% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Merlot, 7% Malbec and 2% Petit Verdot.

It is beautiful right off the bat, red fruit aromas, nice mouthfeel, full bodied with cherry, blackberry flavors, touch of leather and tobacco; pleasant throughout, and strong in the finish. Just solid Cabernet.

Canvasback Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

This one should alert Napa Cab drinkers to the power and beauty of these wines coming out of WA state. A real treat for $35, and a fantastic Costco wine find. Rating: 92 points (a Costco Wine Top Pick)

Costco item number: 1070029

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA (Kennesaw)

Alc. 14.5%

Aaron in Charleston, SC

Tuesday 20th of February 2024

Wow, definitely agree on the wineblog review! This punches way above it's weight class! Heading back to buy another bottle. BONUS: For some reason, in Charleston, same bottle same vintage is only $28.99


Tuesday 13th of February 2024

Any thoughts on cellaring potential of this?


Tuesday 13th of February 2024

I’d drink it soon. Could hang for a bit but not going to change that much IMO


Saturday 10th of February 2024

Do not see how a $35 bottle of 92 point wine is a bargain. If it is below $20, okay.

Richard K

Saturday 10th of February 2024

@William, I just compared a $22 bottle of Kirkland Oakville Cab to a $78 bottle of Merryvale Oakville Cab. (Purchased elsewhere). Maybe $34 is out of your price range, but if you like cabs and can swing the upgrade you will taste a difference….in the nose, mouthfeel, and finish. Yeah, wine gets to be any expensive hobby. But then again I don’t golf either, or go to NFL games.

Rafael Shrem

Saturday 10th of February 2024

@William, normally, when critic rate a wine they take note of the price. If this wine was $20 a bottle the score will be higher. $10 wine rate 92 points does not taste the same as $40 wine at 92 points.