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2021 Kirkland Signature Series Premier Cru Chablis

2021 Kirkland Signature Series Premier Cru Chablis

Finding this bottle is always a highlight at the beginning of the year. We’ve been big fans, particularly of the last couple vintages.

A little bit of a surprise though. We are getting a price increase, up to $18.99 from a previous $17.49. Still, for Premier Cru Chablis coming in under $20 is a good deal (note, it was $19.99 for the 2018 vintage).

Kirkland Signature Series Premier Cru Chablis

Looking back at our reviews of previous vintages, you can see an upward trajectory, landing in the 90 point range for the last two bottles we tasted.

2014 vintage: 87 points

2016 vintage: 88 points

2018 vintage: 89 points

2019 vintage: 90 points

2020 vintage: 90 points

And as we dig into this new 2021, it is very similar to the 2020. In fact, we wrote our tasting notes without reviewing the prior ones, and they are very much along the same lines.

The wine is a medium gold with citrus on the nose; medium in body, very elegant throughout. Flavors of lemon, green apple, slight butterscotch; good acidity and minerality like you expect from these wines.

Kirkland Signature Series Premier Cru Chablis

If you’ve been a fan in the past, this is a no brainer. We’re going to stay the same at 90 points, and put a couple away for the warmer months because we know how good Chablis pairs with sunshine, pools, and beaches. Rating: 90 points

Costco item number: 1043144

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA (Kennesaw)

Alc. 12.5%


Saturday 10th of February 2024

Do you know when this wine will be available at the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida store? Thank you.

Tony Souza

Saturday 10th of February 2024

Didnt show up in HI until the New Year. We are usually behind the times in terms of distribution and some stuff never even shows. I bought a bottle without a review and will get 5 or 6 more now. I am not a oaked chard fan but love this style. I usually end up buying some French Chablis for at least $10 more a bottle so this is a good buy.

FickleFresser Tallahassee

Wednesday 7th of February 2024

Still waiting and hopeful for this here in Tallahassee.

But, on another note, I was pleasantly surprised to see and grab a few of the always dependable, Chateau Senejac, Haut Medoc at $16.99. It's a more than fair price for good Bordeaux from an excellent vintage(2020)!


Wednesday 7th of February 2024

Yes indeed, this is a favorite among many family members who enjoy unoaked Chardonnay. Interesting that ATL is receiving it now as in NoVA I recall purchasing this before Christmas (maybe even Thanksgiving). But I suppose those that the quirkiness of Costco beverage deliveries.

Glad it made it your way and thanks for the review!


Wednesday 7th of February 2024

This wine appeared in our Strongsville, OH store in early December. I grabbed 3 bottles but without a review, I didn't want to buy more. If I had waited until now, I wouldn't be able to get any. (And I do appreciate your reviews!)

Perhaps you could explain Costco's distribution of wine system and timing?