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2018 Kirkland Signature Bordeaux Superieur

2018 Kirkland Signature Bordeaux Superieur

The Bordeaux Superieur has never been one of our favorite Kirkland bottles. In the past we’ve found it drinkable and semi-fair for its super low $7.99 price tag, but not really a wine that we would label “enjoyable” or one that we would stock up on.

With the new 2018 vintage, the price stays the same and it is produced by the same winery, Chateau Petit-Freylon, as indicated on the front of the label.

Kirkland Bordeaux Superieur

This is a winery that produces other bottles with similar varietal makeups to this one (Cab dominant with smaller parts Merlot), and most of the wines appear to be well received online.  So, I wonder if this Kirkland bottle is produced with some of the less desirable crop as the tasting notes on their other wines don’t match what I experienced here.

The blend is 75% Cabernet and 25% Merlot, which is the same as it’s been in the past.  My co-reviewer Erin rated the 2016 and 2015 vintages both a respectable 87 points but noted they were probably not bottles she would buy again.

I’m a little less impressed with this 2018 vintage.  It pours a medium ruby in color with wild berry and spice on the nose; cherry and plum flavor with a little anise.  It’s a good wine up until this point but then really pulls back into the finish which I found to be oaky and metallic without a lot of finesse.

Kirkland Bordeaux Superieur

Despite, being big fans of most of the Kirkland wine portfolio, I can’t say we’d recommend buying this one.  If you are a fan of Bordeaux as I am, maybe a try a bottle to see if it’s your thing. 

The price is definitely right, but as Erin said in her review of the prior vintage, “you get what you pay for.”  And I think that about sums it up for me. Rating: 85 Points

Costco Item Number: 1184548

Alcohol: 13.5%


Sunday 7th of February 2021

I agree that the first sip fell flat. But with the help of a decanter and an aerator I found it to open up quite nicely. This is a great wine to buy in bulk for a large party.

Sabino Misciagna

Wednesday 27th of January 2021

which Costco stores sell wines and liquors in New Jersey?

Chris Workman

Saturday 16th of January 2021

I agree 100%. Bought this a week ago (before the review) because I like Bordeaux wines. It does fall flat on the palate. Too bad. Won't purchase this one again. Maybe the 2020 vintage will be better!

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