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Hello Summer Wine Sampler

Hello Summer Wine Sampler

Here’s a fun new Costco wine find that I’ve heard about from multiple readers who have already found it and enjoyed it – the “Hello Summer” mixed wine multi pack that contains 12 375ml bottles from around the world.

Sound kind of familiar?  If you were a fan of the Costco Wine Advent Calendars we wrote about last winter, then this concept might be familiar, and it’s produced by the same people. 

Hello Summer Wine Sampler

Gotta love the fun styling too, and once we tasted a few of the bottles it was clear that these are definitely hand picked wines to be enjoyed during the warmer months.  We’ll run through our tasting of a few bottles below.

Each box contains five whites, four reds and three rosé wines. The wines come from Portugal, Spain, Italy and France and include some interesting varietals you don’t come across every day; such as Macabeo or Aragonez and Castelao from Portugal, all of which we tasted and enjoyed.

Hello Summer Wine Sampler

So to that extent the box is a great way not only to quench your thirst but also expand your wine horizons.  Finding and tasting new varietals from new regions is one of my favorite parts of the lifelong wine journey.

Costco’s price is $49.99 which equates to around $4 per each half bottle.  Not bad at all.

Hello Summer Wine Sampler

While we found the wines to be interesting and a nice assortment, the size of the bottles also offers a ton of convenience.  We noted this with the Advent Calendars, how sometimes you just want to share a glass of white while cooking, or a glass of rosé on a whim.  Here’s an easy way to do it without opening a whole bottle.

Plus they fit great in coolers where the longer necks on regular sized wine bottles can protrude. So I think you get a lot here for only $50.

Hello Summer Wine Sampler

As we like to do with these box sets, we pulled four random bottles to sample, resulting in two reds, a white and a rosé.  We are just sharing some notes to give you an idea of our impressions. 

The overall takeaway is that these wines clearly hit the mark for “summer wines.”  They were light, crisp and refreshing, even the reds that in their youth were inviting in the Atlanta heat. So let’s get into the box.

Hello Summer Wine Sampler

2020 Ceu do Norte Rosé

This is a rosé from Portugal consisting of the unique varietals we mentioned above: 80% Aragonez, 20% Castelao.  The wine is pale copper in the glass with light red berry fruit; nice strawberry and cherry flavor; light and super crisp. Alc. 11.5%.  This one is summer in a bottle.

2020 El Campeon Macabeo

Macabeo is a tasty varietal you don’t see enough of. Often times you can find it from Rioja at the big box wine shops.  This one is medium straw in color, with a floral nose, a little stone fruit; peach, nectarine and green apple flavors.  Again, super crisp and light.  11% alc.  A fun summer sipper.

Hello Summer Wine Sampler

2020 Crush Red Blend Portugal

This Portuguese red blend is pale ruby in the glass with a spicy, earthy nose; nice aromatics; mostly dark fruit, some spicy black cherry and some pepper into the finish.  A good little wine; 13% alc.

2020 Birds on a Wire Sangiovese

Here’s an Italian Sangiovese that’s pale purple on the pour; super dry throughout, medium body with red fruit.  This wine is young and juicy, and would make a great pizza or BBQ bottle.  12.5% alc.

Since it’s the middle of June it’s almost the perfect time to pick one of these up to cool you off this summer.  We’re looking forward to trying the rest of the bottles.  Our first impression is that the box is a great assortment, some interesting picks and a nice mix of varietals.  And the price is right at around $4/bottle.

Enjoy, and if you have any favorites from the box, please share in the comments below.

CostcoWine item number: 1426807

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Friday 24th of September 2021

I bought one case at Costco in Northridge, CA on Monday for 14.97. Then went back the next day and bought the last 3 remaining cases. Bargain! We are enjoying them.


Friday 17th of September 2021

Am a member of Sam's. No desire to purchase an additional Costco membership Was told didn't need a membership to buy liquor. Went to Costco and was told no purchases without a membership.

Mel White

Thursday 9th of September 2021

I've been fruitlessly looking for this all summer at various Costcos in the Atlanta area (told it was "sold out" at each one), only to finally see a large stack of them at the Cumberland Costco on Tuesday for $44.95 each. I bought one, figuring that we've still got enough warm weather ahead to enjoy these wines.


Wednesday 8th of September 2021

Just purchased two cases at the Torrance, CA Costco for $19.97 each. There were quite a few cases left.

Judy Isvan

Saturday 28th of August 2021

I bought my case for 39.95 in coastal California. I know wine is more expensive in some other states due to a alcohol tax. It may be on the bottle, so a small bottle would be taxed the same as a large one. I opened the Macabeo tonight; it was perfect with the mediterranean (tomatoes, olives, onions, fresh herbs) cod skillet I threw together for dinner tonight. I actually came here looking for how to find more!

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