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2018 Acclaimed Red Wine Napa

2018 Acclaimed Red Wine Napa

We just drove through Jacksonville, FL and found a nice Costco along the route (St Johns store), so we picked up a few bottles to review in the weeks to come. Great selection by the way, and we found a few interesting items that we’re interested in exploring.

Note: usually we only buy a couple bottles at a time to keep what we review fresh on the site but this store had some fun ones so we picked up quite a few. Hope they are good, and if so, we hope that they pop up near you. We will start with the wines we found that had a limited time Costco discount.

Acclaimed Red Wine

The first of which is this red blend from Napa. The Acclaimed brand is part of Precision Wine Co.’s portfolio whose wines pop up at Costco and we’ve reviewed a few of them before.

There’s not a lot of information online about this wine but obviously the sustantial Costco price discount caught my eye. Retail appears to be around $30, with Costco’s standard price being $22.99. When you tack on the $9 extra discount it brings it all the way down to $13.99. This offer is good through 2/13.

So great price, but that’s not the only highlight. We really enjoyed this wine. It’s subtle and restrained, not a giant California fruit bomb by any means. Cherry on the nose, medium to medium plus in body, it just feels great in the mouth.

Acclaimed Red Wine

Lots of dark fruit, black cherry, black currant, plum with a touch of vanilla. Acidic and dry into the finish. 2018 was a great vintage in Napa and this is a real treat, especially at this price. A nice Costco wine find for sure, and a wine that we will add to our Top Picks list. Rating: 91 points (a Costco Wine Top Pick)

Costco item number: 1588369

Purchased at Costco in: Jacksonville, FL (St Johns)

Alc. 14.5%


Thursday 10th of February 2022

We found the Acclaimed Red at our local Costco in Chandler, AZ for $11.99 after an $8 discount. Probably a freight differential between Napa to AZ & Napa to FL. Can't wait to try it tonight to see if it is case worthy. By your description it will be.


Thursday 10th of February 2022

Awesome. Let us know what you think

john shephard

Saturday 5th of February 2022

I just came from Costco, trying to buy this. They have the 2020 Acclaimed, not a 2018 or 201 and they are $25, not on sale. It is the same SKU, 1588368, but not the same vintage nor price as the one in this article. I live in the greater Seattle area, which is much closer to Napa than Florida, but they have it and we don't for some reason.


Sunday 20th of February 2022

@john shephard,

Now on sale in the Seattle area but It’s the 2020. 15 bucks.


Saturday 5th of February 2022

I moved to Colorado few months ago. Denver area. Unfortunately I don’t see a lot of good varieties of wine. I love Acclaimed I just to buy it in California. I wish we can have order online from California in Costco.


Saturday 5th of February 2022

My Costco is in Santa Rosa, CA, which is in the heart of Sonoma County and 25 miles from Napa, almost never carries the Napa/Sonoma wines that you write about. Perhaps you could get this comment to Costco?


Saturday 5th of February 2022

We also picked up what John just mentioned - 2020 Alexander Valley Cab labeled “Bound” at the Raleigh, NC (I don't remember the price, but there was a good discount). Frankly, I'm sorry I bought more than one bottle.

We have antiquated, ridiculous liquor laws in NC: Can only buy alcohol at ABC Stores at inflated prices (so no Costco liquor in the entire state) Happy Hour drink discounts are illegal, and restaurants/bars can't buy liquor at a cheaper, wholesale price. So - everytime we drive to Florida, we ALWAYS stop at that Jacksonville store. It's not far from I-95 and we stock up, especially on the excellent Costco liquor.


Sunday 6th of February 2022

@Jeanette, Also recently tried the Bound. Was disappointed after the first few sips, but after letting it air for about 45 minutes it opened up. Have bought a second bottle and will give it another try before making a final judgement. Steve, Kauai HI

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