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Jettlynn Gout de Miel White Blend

Jettlynn Gout de Miel White Blend


Here’s an interesting white blend you don’t see everyday: 65% Grenache Blanc, 15% Muscat, 10% Chardonnay and 10% Riesling.  Hailing from Paso Robles, blends like these from the region seem to work more often than not.  In this case, I think Costco’s $16.99 price tag is a good bargain on what is a thoroughly fun and different style of white wine, just in time for the warming weather.

Kind of that fresh, new earth, floral nose, with citrus flavors on the palate. I’m a huge fan of Grenache Blanc, and was happy to see it as the dominating varietal.  The other grapes help build some complexity and add a little more body and depth to the wine.  The Muscat definitely comes through, and the finish has a small touch of that Riesling sweetness.  Put together, the wine is well executed.

Jettlynn sells this wine on their website for $50, so Costco’s $16.99 price is a fraction of their full retail.  I’d recommend this one for white wine fans looking for something a little different to break up the monotony of Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnays this summer. Rating: 89 Points
Costco item number: 690864