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2010 Small Gully Mr Blacks Little Book Shiraz

2010 Small Gully Mr Blacks Little Book Shiraz


This bottle is a reader favorite and it seems to swing in and out of my Costco without any regular schedule.  But if you see it buy it.  This is a heck of a good bargain for only $11.79.  Seldomly do you see Barossa wines this inexpensive.

And what a perfect time to drink this one.  It’s just right, with a little time in the bottle to mellow out.  The heavy pepper you get in many Australian wines can sometimes turn me off, but this wine is soft, with hints of pepper on the close, and overall is packed with vibrant red fruit flavor.

I enjoyed it through and through, particularly after a bit of air, as the wine opened up.  This doesn’t at all taste like a $12 bottle.  I’d highly recommend scooping some up if you see them. Rating: 90 Points

Costco item number: 650452