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2011 Geyser Peak Uncensored Red Blend

2011 Geyser Peak Uncensored Red Blend


This is a hodge podge of different varietals, most of which I believe come from the Geyser Peak Sonoma estate, but I’m not certain.  It definitely has Merlot, Cab and Syrah in the mix.  It almost has so much going on that everyone will find the taste appealing.  And it’s not a bad buy at $11.99 at Costco.

Kind of mushroomy on the nose, fruit forward on the palate.  Flavors of cherry, dark fruit, black licorice and a little vegetal on the finish.  A bit of spice thrown in the mix as well toward the close.

This is the perfect wine for novice wine drinkers who visit your house.  They will love it.  Now as I get a little snobby, I will try to admit that if I went to someone’s house and they served this, I would enjoy it too.  It’s that kind of wine.  Easy to please, almost everyone. Rating: 87 Points
Costco item number: 753741