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2017 Kirkland Signature Pinot Grigio Friuli

2017 Kirkland Signature Pinot Grigio Friuli

It’s been quite a while since we last tasted the Kirkland Pinot Grigio.  I heard from several readers that it may have been discontinued in their stores for a period of time.  So it was kind of my radar and when I saw it in my Costco I decided to grab a bottle and get reacquainted.

The story here first and foremost is the price, $5.99, making this likely the lowest price wine ever reviewed here.  So is it drinkable?  I’d say yes; if you want something super basic, that’s cold, and refreshing when it’s super hot out, then this bottle will certainly fit the bill.

It pours near see through clear in the glass; not a lot on the nose, a bit of pear and stone fruit; in the mouth the wine is light and crisp, pear flavor with green apple; slight acidity, but not too tarty; the finish dissipates pretty quick.

But hey for what this wine is intended to be, it’s not a bad choice; brainless summer drinking on a beach or poolside is where this bottle will really shine.

2017 Kirkland Signature Pinot Grigio Friuli The grapes are from the Friuli region in northeast Italy which is well regarded for the Pinot Grigio it produces (we wrote a book about Italian wine that includes a lot more info if you’re interested).

So it has that going in its favor, but when you get to the bottom of this wine, it’s simple, basic, super easy to put down the hatch, and as I mentioned already, ideal for a certain time and place.

If you want to step it up a notch and stay with Pinot Grigio, we reviewed the Maso Canali Pinot Grigio recently that we thought was pretty tasty, but it’s price tag of $14 isn’t quite the same as $6.

So $6, take it or leave it, but if you want something to quench your thirst with little added, here you go. Rating: 85 points

Costco item number: 652129

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA

Als. 12.5%

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Wednesday 15th of August 2018

Also available at Memphis Costco stores, and IMO, heads above the California Kirkland PG. We really like for everyday drinking wine, and recommend it. Can't beat the price.

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