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2017 Erath Pinot Noir

2017 Erath Pinot Noir

This is the season when I frequently find myself at the crossroads of figuring out if I want to drink a red or a white wine. If the sun’s out, it’s white. Once it dips, it’s red. Or rosé if you’re in between. And then add some food to the mix and it gets even harder to find exactly what you want.

Enter Pinot Noir, another contender that always seems to fit the bill, at least for me. I can usually enjoy a good Pinot with a wide range of food, on a hot or cold day, or by itself. And this one from Erath is especially versatile and a wine that I imagine will appeal to many different palates.

Erath Pinot Noir
Quite a few 90 point scores from the critics on its Costco card

The price at Costco is pretty good at $15.49. Poking around online, Total Wine carries it for $1 more and comes in at $18. But $15 at Costco for a good Pinot like this seems like a fair price.

This wine pours a pale ruby color in the glass and is light enough that you can see through it. On the nose are aromas of earth, flowers, a little red fruit; in the mouth, flavors of cherry cola, spicy cherry and raspberry.

The wine is very light in body, simple and gentle. It finishes ok, with a little spice, maybe a bit quicker than I would have liked but it is still very pleasant throughout.

Erath Pinot Noir

When I say this bottle will appeal to a lot of palates, I’m thinking across the red/white/rosé wine spectrum. Fans of huge rich reds, might find this one a little wimpy and thin.

But as far as Pinot under $20 goes, this isn’t a bad choice. If you walk into Costco and see this Erath Pinot next to the Kirkland Willamette Pinot which is around the same price, you might want to try them both to see what you like better. Me, I’d lean towards the Kirkland bottle. Rating: 87 points

Costco item number: 5426

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA (Kennesaw)

Alc. 13%

Michael Flood

Wednesday 20th of May 2020

The few bottles of Earth Pinot Noir that I have tried have not been at all impressive. The Albuquerque Costco sells Peter Yealands New Zealand Pinot Noir for $14.49 a bottle, and this is a great value.

Eric Morris

Wednesday 13th of May 2020

To me, the KS Willamette is much better. It is Willamette grapes only, where this Erath is partly southern Oregon grapes. The KS would compare grape-wise to the Erath Estate Selection, which is more expensive and better, in my opinion.

Peted Duray-Bito

Wednesday 13th of May 2020

Our Costco also carries another Pinot Noir, the Line 39. Can you get this at your Costco? If so, how does it compare to the Erath?


Wednesday 13th of May 2020

Hi, I have not seen that one at my Costco stores but will look for it on my next trip. Thanks.

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