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2016 Bodegas Marques de Vizhoja Albarino Torre La Moreira

2016 Bodegas Marques de Vizhoja Albarino Torre La Moreira

Seems like yesterday we were buying 2007 vintages in the stores, and long behold we’re now at 2016.  I think this bottle marks the first 2016 I’ve tried, and an Albarino is a good way to do it because they drink nice young.

(Side note: they also drink ok after a few years of bottle aging too.  I had an 8 year old Albarino at Jaleo, one of my favorite Spanish restaurants, and it was pretty good; the color was starting to darken, it held the fruit nicely and offered a little more to think about).

I also love finding Albarinos at Costco since the price on them elsewhere seems to have jumped 20% in the last two years (maybe it’s just me but I think their popularity has driven prices up).  So to find this one at my Costco for only $11.99 was a welcome exploration.

Not a lot coming off the nose.  A little stone fruit perhaps. This wine had an ever so slight effervescence to it that I liked.  It was noticeable right on the pour.  Pleasant in the mouth with subtle lemon, citrus, a little sour tart and apricot in the way of flavor.  Finishes dry and quickly.

I was hoping for a bit more from this wine.  It’s decent, and easily enjoyed on a hot summer day, which is how I tasted it, but just not packing much of a flavor profile mid palate.

It’s an easy wine to enjoy if you’re sipping and chatting with friends, not thinking too much about what you’re drinking.  But even then, I think you can do better in this price range, or just a little further up market.

(Like this Sancerre that I saw back in stores this week) Rating: 85 points

Costco item number: 1145877

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA

Alc. 12.5%