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2014 Hedges Marcel Dupont Les Gosses Red Mountain Syrah

2014 Hedges Marcel Dupont Les Gosses Red Mountain Syrah

Running into this bottle was a real surprise, particularly at a Costco in the Atlanta area.  This is a small batch Syrah from Red Mountain in Washington State’s Yakima Valley.  Normally, I would expect to see something like this limited in distribution to Costco stores near where the wine is produced, not a few thousand miles away.

Hedges Syrah

But boy am I glad I found it.  This is an amazing wine at a very discounted price ($19.99).  Online shows the bottle retailing closer to $40, and there were 3025 cases produced.  I also noticed on the label that Wine Advocate gave the wine 93 points, which is not something you see often on a $20 wine.

And it delivered.  This is 100% Syrah that is dark on the pour with a huge mouthfeel; full bodied, just a delicious wine. Flavors of cherry, blueberry, a nice red and dark fruit mix with a bit of 7-11 blue raspberry slurpie; spicy finish.  

Hedges Syrah

This is Syrah done right, and it’s just begging for some BBQ ribs off the smoker.  But if that’s not an option, I could also enjoy this wine with something as simple as delivery pizza or as fancy as a $70 steak. 

I’m going to put a few of these away if I can still find it for the winter months.  Very nice juice, an amazing price, and a perfect addition to our Top Picks list. Rating: 91 Points (a CostcoWineBlog Top Pick)

Costco item number: 526912

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA

Alc. 14.%


Wednesday 23rd of October 2019

As a syrah freak I was intrigued to see this at my local (Apex, NC) store and picked up a bottle last week. It definitely benefits from some air. It’s an absolutely beautiful and complex expression of the varietal, showing exquisite balance between acidity and rich, dark fruit. I would compare it favorably to Gramercy Cellars, which is a huge compliment as that’s one of my favorite syrah’s. The value proposition is excellent at $20. We had it with a roasted tomato burrata salad and it was awesome. Highly recommended, and frankly the first decent discovery I’ve had at Costco in the last year.


Sunday 20th of October 2019

There are many Costco stores in Atlanta. I visited one today looking for this and they did not have it and assured me they have not carried it any time recently.

Can I ask why you've made a decision to not disclose which store you visited?


Monday 21st of October 2019

No decision on that. I bounce between Kennesaw and Cumberland, sometimes Perimeter. I used to list the store but it’s one more thing to try to remember and I wasn’t sure on a couple of posts and didn’t want to mislead anyone. This Syrah was at Kennesaw.


Sunday 20th of October 2019

Thanks for the review. I've purchased other Hedges wine at Costco - 2013 Family Estate Red Mountain. I hope to see this one too!!

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