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2012 Mirassou Pinot Noir

2012 Mirassou Pinot Noir


Young, bright and fruity and for $6.99 it’s not all that bad.  Very one dimensional though from beginning to end.  A very simple drink, that early stage Pinot fans may enjoy a bit more than others.  There’s really nothing to not like.  It’s just so basic.

The wine gives you little bursts of red fruit, almost reminding me of a cherry Laffy Taffy; tastes sweet and sugary on the finish, with maybe a little tobacco and smoke.

You’ll be hard pressed to find many CA Pinots that even exist in this price range, so I have to give them props for that.  If you’re looking for a decent mid-week drinker, here you go.  If you’re looking for much more, you will want to keep looking. Rating: 85 Points

Costco item number: 955147