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2012 Bridlewood Red Blend 175

2012 Bridlewood Red Blend 175

bridlewood red blendA very decent California syrah-blend for $10?   Yup.  Bridlewood is a winery that made its reputation producing some very nice syrah-based wines at the $20-30 price point.   For the first time, in memory,  one of its offerings has arrived at Costco and is being sold at a marked-down price of $10.49.

It is comprised of predominantly Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel.  Over three-days this wine produced some aromatic cherry, raspberry and pleasing peppery flavors with a full mouthfeel, and medium-long with a taste of plum.  It is very well-balanced for a wine of this price, and contains some complexity.   Medium acidity carries out the fruity, smooth finish   It was at its best on the second day, but came out of the bottle with little, or no, bite.  By the third day, it began to show its age.  But for the first two days, it was a lovely accompaniment to beef or lamb.

At its current $10 price, this is worth a try for anyone who enjoys a well-made syrah-based wine that could pass for a more expensive Rhone.

— Michael S

Rating:  89  (for value)

Price: $10.49

Costco Item #: 576530

San Diego, California