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2011 Château Mayne-Vieil Fronsac Bordeaux

2011 Château Mayne-Vieil Fronsac Bordeaux

2011 Château Mayne-Vieil Fronsac

Our unrelenting search for the perfect value-priced Bordeaux hidden within the aisles of Costco continues.  It seems as though Costco’s wine buyers will offer decent $8.99 Bordeaux, (which are essentially everyday table wines) and a higher $13.99 offering that gives you a better appreciation for the French winemaking magic.   Recently, we came across a lovely $13.99 piece of vintning. It’s a Merlot  (100% according to the label) that is closer to what a Merlot should really taste like.

It doesn’t have the complexity of some of the $20+ Bordeaux, but it’s got that ruby/garnet color, loaded with blackberries, blueberries, and cherry overtones…..perhaps even some prune.  The strong fruit doesn’t make this wine a fruit-bomb.  To the contrary, it is relatively light bodied with a super smooth finish.  Just enough tannins to make it interesting.   A nice balance of fruit and acidity in the mouth, earthy spices and hint of terroir. A very enjoyable example of good French winemaking at a decent price.   Caveat sipper:  the wine did not taste as good the second day.   This is a wine that, once decanted, should be fully consumed upon opening.

From the best that we can tell, it is not available in the U.S., except through Costco.  While not the best value in the world, this is a darn nice Bordeaux at a sub-$14 price that is worth grabbing if you see it at your local Costco.

— Michael S

Rating:  88

Price: $13.99

Costco Item #: 997885

San Diego, California