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2018 Owen Roe Sinister Hand

2018 Owen Roe Sinister Hand

Here’s something a little different that I’m glad we were able to get into. This is a Washington State red blend consisting of your standard Rhone varietals. The make up is 55% Grenache, 19% Syrah, 17% Mourvedre and 9% Cinsaut.

I’ve been on a bit of a Washington State wine kick this past year. I think bang for the buck, it’s one of the best wine regions in the U.S. right now. The wines are generally big, complex and well crafted, representing in many cases, outstanding juice for the price and they often fly under the radar of many wine shoppers.

Owen Roe Sinister Hand

This bottle is a great example. Granted Costco’s price of $14.59 is well below the retail of $28, and the online price around $25. That makes the wine even more attractive. But in the glass, this is a tasty little red blend. It’s simple, not too much and just well balanced throughout.

Juicy red fruit on the nose; cherry, raspberry and blueberry flavor, so it has that nice combo of red and dark fruit; a bit of mocha and milk chocolate towards the finish. There’s a little spice but not as much as you get from a classic Rhone bottle.

Owen Roe Sinister Hand

This is just a solid crowd pleaser that will appeal to a lot of different palates. Perfect as a nice mid week drinker with dinner, or a solid choice when you’re just not sure what to open.

Note, the wine was a little closed on the initial pour and a quick decant did wonders to open it up. Rating: 89 points

Costco item number: 794546

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA

Alc. 14.%

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carl rutherford

Saturday 11th of April 2020

Since I am from Washington, I have bought Owen Roe for years. Though, it wasn't, until recently, that they opened a winery in Washington. I have always purchased their wine through their Oregon winery since you pay no tax. Does the label raise any questions in your mind? The story behind the Sinister (left) Hand label is an old Irish legend( I believe Owen Roe is Irish). The Irish government was giving free land to citizen settlers who laid claim to certain 'plots'. There was a race to claim the best land. You 'claimed' the land by being the first to place your hand on your chosen 'plot of land'. This particular man was rowing to an island to claim a prime piece of land but he realized he was going to barely lose the race to another person. So right before the other man was going to place his hand on the shore, he cut off his left hand and threw it on the shore and therefore won this piece of land.

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