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2014 Kirkland Signature Mountain Cuvee Cabernet Sauvignon

2014 Kirkland Signature Mountain Cuvee Cabernet Sauvignon

I got wine-nerd-excited when this wine arrived in the wood a few weeks ago at my local Costco.  The reason being that I love mountain fruit Napa cabs.  The higher elevation vineyard fruit struggles on the vine, resulting in smaller grapes with more concentrated flavors that produce fairly tannic wines.  These are the kind of age-worthy wines that will turn your mouth purple.  I mourn for Atlas Peak, quite possibly the best deal in Costco that I’ve seen thus far, and so I was hoping that this “Mountain Cuvee” would be a suitable replacement.

2014 Kirkland Signature Mountain Cuvee 2I guess that there is no replacement for your one true love, because this wine did not deliver the concentration or tannic backbone that I was expecting.  It was fairly translucent and light in the glass, with a nose of ripe black fruit, vanilla, & cassis.  After tasting it, on the “second nose,” I picked up tobacco, cedar, & mint.  Noticeable acidity hinted that the wine may be friendlier after hanging out in the bottle for a few more years.  The finish was clean and dry.

This Mountain Cuvee should still be available in most clubs, and it retails in the Atlanta area for $18.99.  Vivino users give it an average rating of 3.7 with an average price of $18.99.  I would pair this with steak and other fatty meat dishes, porcini ravioli, and soft, rich cheeses.

Purchased in Alpharetta, GA

ABV: 14.9% rating: 86 Points

Costco SKU #: 501776