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2013 Tikal Patriota Mendoza

2013 Tikal Patriota Mendoza

I’ve written before about how wine is often situational, meaning that wines can taste different just in the environment in which they’re consumed.  And this wine falls into a bucket of being consumed in a “very optimal environment.”  That is: group of friends, nice spring day, vegetables and pork tenderloins cooking on a Big Green Egg…absolutely perfect.  So the wine was, absolutely perfect as well.

This was $16.99 at my Costco, and for some reason I really felt pulled toward this wine.  I like the 60% Malbec, 40% Bonarda combo, and it was a bit of change from the regular straight Cabs and standard varietal red blends I’ve been enjoying lately.  And what a perfect day to do it.

First off, if you’re cooking Pork Tenderloins on a Big Green Egg (and I’m talking about that awesome Costco two pack that is actually a four pack that you can get for under $20), try direct heat vs indirect heat with the plate setter.  I know there’s an ongoing debate about this on the Egg forums, but set your Egg to 350, and cook direct until 140 degrees and you are golden.  The Costco Pork Tenderloin packs just do not have enough fat on them to stay moist under indirect cooking for too long.  Plus you get a better crust going direct.

Alright, if you’re an Egg Head like me, that just made sense, otherwise, let’s talk about the wine.  This one is spicy and earthy on the nose.  In the mouth, and after some air, it’s quite nice, rather complex at this price point, with dark fruit, a fair amount of pepper, has some acidic bite and just keeps coming.  This can stand up to any red meat, or other challenging cuisine.  It’s bold, but I really love it since it’s delivered in such a great package.

This is a big, rich red.  Lots of spice/pepper backing that big fruit.  Get settled in and ready but I’d say go for it. Rating: 89 Points

Costco item number: 225032

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA (Cumberland)

Rosemary West

Wednesday 30th of March 2016

You write “… for some reason I really felt pulled toward this wine.” My explanation: It’s the label that pulled you toward it.


Wednesday 30th of March 2016

Definitely could be. Cool label. I like this blend a lot too.

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