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2012 Tangent Sauvignon Blanc Paragon Vineyard

2012 Tangent Sauvignon Blanc Paragon Vineyard


Winery:  Tangent Winery, grapes from Paragon Vineyard
Varietal(s): 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage: 2012
Region:  Edna Valley, California
Costco item number: 458071
Costco Price: $9.99

I have to admit, not only am I a down-home, straight-from-the-backwoods redneck, but I am one that has grown to love white wine.  I liken it to that trusty can of cold beer in the fridge.  It does one hell of a job quenching a mighty thirst after a long day of yard work or couch surfing while watching football.  Vino blanco is in the same category – I think it might even be the unsung hero of the wine world.  Now, please do not call heresy on me because I have seemingly bunched all white wine into a stereotypical amorphous lot.  I can attest – there are some high dollar, high quality whites out there that will stand against any red, any day.  What I am referencing is the white wine bottle of everyday drinking quality that is hanging out in your fridge right now, beckoning you to pour a glass and allow your troubles to drift away.

Generally, when I think of a good evening Sauvignon Blanc sipper, I robotically go straight to the wines of New Zealand.  Preconceived notion I guess, but I have come to associate one with the other.   However, when this Tangent Winery Sav Blanc came coasting along my way, I had to give it a try.  This wine is well balanced between tart, acidic, dry, and sweet.  No one attribute stands high among the others, which is a good thing when you’re in the mood for uncomplicated.  I immediately picked up on the nose and taste of a Granny Smith apple – tart, yet sweet.  This wine sparkles, and provides subtle hints of citrus fruit, zest, and pineapple.  The aftertaste does not linger, but once again, this is an uncomplicated white that does not layer.  With the alcohol at 13.5%, it may be a little strong on the booze, but after a hard day’s work, maybe that is what you’re going for anyway!  Sophisticated, yet carefree!

On a side note, this is an SIP Certified Sustainable wine.  What does that mean?  These folks are doing a great job by providing great wines while taking good care of the land, the environment, and the people of which provide this awesome grape.  Drink well my friends!
Redneck Wine Guy Rating: 89