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2010 Manon La Lagune Bordeaux

2010 Manon La Lagune Bordeaux

2010 Manon La Lagune BordeauxFor those Costco shoppers that like to play “cat and mouse”, I think I’ve found a wine that Costco’s buyers tried to sneak by us. Hopefully, we can ensure that their sinister plot has failed. The evidence: A 2010 Bordeaux priced at $13.99. What I look for from a value-priced Bordeaux is a smooth, balanced wine that makes food sing and shout “oh YEAH”! I paired this Merlot-based wine with an omelette and some roast chicken. Red wine with white-wine food is a great test for a Bordeaux and this one passed the test with airborne colors. It’s packed with black fruit notes ark in color with a lovely nose of dark berries. On the mid-palate the wine boasts some nice blackberries along with some notes of chocolate and mocha. It has a medium finish, which is just fine for a food-pairing wine. Bottom line: it`s a varietal Bordeaux at a good price..

The tannins offer a contrast to the fruitiness, bringing balance and structure. It is a surprisingly accommodating Bordeaux with the unassuming price. Costco wants $13.99 for this easy drinking, well-structured Merlot/Cab-based blend. From the best that we can tell, it is not available in the U.S., except through Costco. While not the best value in the world, this is a darn nice Bordeaux at a sub-$15 price. Definitely worth your attention if you are looking for a nice food-pairing wine. Your guests will think you spent $40 for this wine; only you (and Costco) will know the truth.

— Michael S

Rating: 90
Price: $13.99
Costco Item #: 897484
San Diego, California


Monday 1st of December 2014

I was really looking forward to trying this one but alas it is not available in the Atlanta Costco stores.


Monday 1st of December 2014

This was reviewed by Michael in San Diego. I frequently shop at the Kennesaw and Cumberland stores near Atlanta and have not seen it there either. I will let you know if i do.

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