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2009 Chateau Le Pey Medoc Bordeaux

2009 Chateau Le Pey Medoc Bordeaux

Chateau Le Pey Medoc Bordeaux

This is a guest post from Marshall, a reader in Atlanta. (There are a lot of these Bordeaux under $15 hitting Costco stores. 2009 and 2010 were good years, and these wines are fantastic bargains. I have a few reviews on them coming soon):

This was a great experience after getting off to a negative start. This was my first time with Chateau Le Pey and my only piece of advice is LET IT AIR for at least 30 minutes! I initially opened the bottle and let it air for about 15 minutes while eating dinner.

The taste was bitter and not up to par with my standards at first. I walked away again after about half a glass and came back in another 20 minutes hoping for a better experience. This time I was pleasantly greeted with a sweet fruit flavor that was not previously present. This was a great value for $11.99 and I would definitely purchase again on a night when I have time to let it air for a good 30-45 minutes before drinking.