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2007 Clos des Andes Bodega Poesia Malbec Reserva

2007 Clos des Andes Bodega Poesia Malbec Reserva


(Here’s another reader review from Adam in California)

Nose led with sweet fruit and hinted of a smooth texture and blackberry flavor.  Popped and poured my first sip which had the dark fruit spicy flavor and was smooth.  Mid palate you could feel it coat the back of your throat with a fine texture that I hoped meant a great finish was coming.  Finish was not as long and complete as I was tempted with, with some but not marked acidity.

I decanted it for about 30 minutes and came back a little disappointed.  The dark fruit was still there but was showing signs of being muted as was the spice that accompanied it on my first sip.  I let it sit another 20 minutes or so and it seemed to want to start to settle.  The Blackberry flavor returned when I came back to it with a lingering tartness that pretended like it was going to turn quite bitter, but never did.  Still I couldn’t quite put my glass down.

This one is easy to drink, but not for the above average wine drinker.  $13.99 price tag.