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Fonseca Bin No 27 Port

Fonseca Bin No 27 Port

I’m pretty inconsistent with my port consumption, but I love them more every time I indulge.  After a big meal, there is just nothing quite like sitting down with the gentle sweetness of a decent glass of port.  The $12.79 price tag at Costco on this bottle is by far the lowest I’ve ever seen.  Even online the price ranges from $16-$18, so it’s certainly a good buy if you enjoy Port.

We sampled this port over the course of three nights.  The first night we enjoyed a small glass with a light cigar, which was fun.  The second night we tried it with a chocolate mousse dessert and that was a serious treat.  Just what a port is made for.  The third night we enjoyed a glass on its own after dinner.

We found this to be a very nice, semi-light, balanced port, not too overbearing in its sweetness or flavor. It was just right.  Mocha notes, dried fruit, dark cherry and blueberry.  Definitely a fun change of pace that I would recommend given how inexpensive it is.

(I’m not going to rate this wine because we haven’t reviewed – and frankly, tasted – that many other ports to serve as a fair comparison)

Costco item number: 1229

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA (Cumberland)

Michael Shames

Wednesday 20th of January 2016

Yes, this is a decent port for the money. However, Costco is also offering a Taylor Fladgate Late Bottled 2009 port for about $17 and it is killer good. Perhaps a bit more expensive than the Fonseca, but IMHO, a far better value.

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