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2020 Orin Swift Abstract Red Blend

2020 Orin Swift Abstract Red Blend

Costco Notes: Black plum, boysenberry and hit of bing cherry, and lavender invite a taste. On the palate, the aromatics turn into the sense of taste along with a touch of dark chocolate and reduced blackberry.  Supple tannins.

Left Coast Tasting Notes:

AVA: California

Time on Gas: 6 hours

Color: This is a beautiful red wine, clean purple edges, nice dark color.  Looks very nice in a glass.

Nose (aromas): Our freshly opened bottle had a very fleeting nose, negligible fruit and spice.  The gassed bottle, once in the glass provided a lovely fruit forward nose, not over powering, very pleasant.

Palate (flavors):  Our first impression of this moderate bodied wine was, it was too young, initially very tight. Although well balanced after sometime in the glass, the acid proved to be a detractor. The finish also went from tart/alcohol burn to a pleasant lingering nice mouth feel. This wine did improve with time. The second bottle was very agreeable as the acid all but went away leaving a nice fruit forward and pleasant finish with the appropriate tannins.

Summary:  Our final assessment of this wine after lots of air time has aromas that are pleasant, flavor profile is complex, with unknown red fruit and spices, moderate boldness, light tannins giving a smooth feel in the mouth, moderately dry, and soft. This wine will only get better if laid down for a year or two, it is just too young to drink right now. Drinking it now, we would recommend decanting and including food like cheese, braised meats, and/or a nice red pasta.  A spicy meal will overpower this wine.  

Rating: We rated this wine a Thursday.

2020 4.4

Vivino 4.2 (96 ratings)                                

Value:  We have enjoyed a large number of blends over that past 3 months and believe this wine is a bit proud in price. Only a couple would buy this wine again at the price, several more would buy this wine at a healthy discount.

Grapes: Grenache, Petite Sirah, and Syrah

Alcohol:   15.4%        

Costco SKU: 820984

Price: $28.99

Store Location: Danville, CA

Tasting Date: 4/1/2022

Tasting Panel: M.S., M.C., C.P., M.A., C.Y., J.N., B.H., B.T.

This review is part of a series of guest posts from Left Coast Wine Bloggers, a great group of wine lovers enjoying and reviewing Costco wines they find on the West Coast. You can read more about them here, and learn more about their rating system. We hope the addition of their wine reviews will expand the geographic coverage of the blog so you can find more of the wines we feature. Cheers.