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2020 Duckhorn Decoy Sauvignon Blanc

2020 Duckhorn Decoy Sauvignon Blanc

Duckhorn’s Decoy wines are usually a solid find, representing an entry into the winery at a price point well below their other bottles.

Now, there’s a little sacrifice in quality as the top shelf Duckhorn wines have always impressed us. But when you’re looking for a good value buy from a known producer, the Decoy series is a good, and pretty safe, way to go.

About a year ago we reviewed the 2018 Decoy Sonoma Red Blend, and went 90 points, finding that bottle to be one of the better Decoy wines we’ve tasted. And this Sauvignon Blanc itself wasn’t too shabby at all.

Duckhorn Decoy Sauvignon Blanc

Price-wise this bottle came in right in the ballpark of most the Decoy wines at Costco, $14.99. Retail looks to be around $20.00 and Total Wine is also selling for $14.99, so not a huge discount from Costco on this one.

You see on the back of the label below it just says “California” in regards to where these grapes might have come from. So it’s likely a blend from several of their vineyards across the state.

Duckhorn Decoy Sauvignon Blanc

In the glass the wine pours a pale yellow with citrus fruit on the nose; flavors of white peach, pineapple and pear with good acidity and a nice lingering finish.

This is a solid Sauvignon Blanc choice from a super dependable producer. A good summer choice too. Rating: 87 points

Costco item number: 513300

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA (Kennesaw)

Alc. 13.9%