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2015 Hugel Classic Riesling Alsace

2015 Hugel Classic Riesling Alsace

I’m always excited to see Riesling from German or France pop up at Costco.  It just doesn’t happen enough and it’s usually a nice treat and welcome change of pace from the plethora of Chardonnay that seems to grace the majority of Costco white wine shelves.

This wine was a little on the pricey side at $18.99, which isn’t necessarily bad for a wine from Alsace, but a Google search on this one showed it available for a bit lower online.  Not a big deal though since as far as under $20 bottles go, this turned out to be a super solid choice for white wine fans.

2015 Hugel Classic Riesling AlsaceSo the big question right off the bat, is whether or not this wine is sweet.  I wrote an article for the HuffPost that addressed this question and offered a super simple method for gauging the sweetness of a wine, essentially looking at the alcohol content.  Anything above 11% is on the dry side, and below 11% the wines tend to be sweeter.  This Hugel bottle came in at 12.5% which told me it would be a dry Riesling, and it was indeed.

Actually, in rereading that article I noticed a quote I included that “everybody may not like all Rieslings, but there’s a Riesling for everybody.”  This bottle from Hugel really exemplifies the statement as it is super fruit forward, juicy, fresh and accessible.  I think many people who typically don’t like Riesling will enjoy this one.

Most of the flavor is citrus, and green apple with crisp acidity and a nice mouthfeel; there’s a little minerality and wet stone on the finish, but this is a great summer sipper and would be awesome with light summer cuisine, from salads to white fish like halibut.  But we actually sampled it around a pool on its own on a beautiful sunny day and it was fantastic.  A nice addition to our Recommended Wine List, and a welcome addition to Costco wine shelves. Rating: 90 points (a CostcoWineBlog Recommended Wine)

Costco item number: 376205

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA

Alc. 12.5%