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2014 Fess Parker Chardonnay Santa Barbara

2014 Fess Parker Chardonnay Santa Barbara

Photo Aug 08, 12 00 53 PMIt takes an unusually talented cowboy to make an excellent wine in Santa Barbara – or so it would appear.   Take Fess Parker – actor who became famous portraying Daniel Boone on television for seven years.   After that acting gig, he purchased farmland in Santa Ynez Valley and began producing wine.   He ended his acting career shortly after the Daniel Boone series ended and took up winemaking.  Remarkably – he created some very good wine.  Even five years after his death at the ripe old age of 85, his winery continues to produce notably good wine.   His winery specializes in chardonnay and pinot – these folk know what they are doing.

Apparently, the buyers at Costco agree, as they sell Parker’s entry-level Santa Barbara Chardonnay.    At $12.89, you get a very competently produced chardonnay.   It sports apples, peaches, minerals and some, but not too much, butter.   It avoids the oak-overload that plagues some California chards.  It is a nicely balanced wine with just the right amount of fruit and acid graced by a lovely mouthfeel and long finish.  I sampled it over two days.  It would be a wonderful accompaniment to pair with poultry, vegetables and some mild-tasting fish.   This wine generally sells for $14-17 dollars at other retailers, so this isn’t one of Costco’s all-time great values.   But for about $13, you don’t do badly for one of the most consistent chardonnay producers in California…and probably the only one produced by a bona-fide faux cowboy.

[Reviewed by Michael S]

Rating:  88

Price: $12.89

Costco Item #: 245166

Purchased at Costco in: San Diego, California