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2014 Chateau Haut Sociondo Bordeaux

2014 Chateau Haut Sociondo Bordeaux

Welcome to the new year, and here’s a great Costco Bordeaux buy for you to ring it in with priced at only $6.99.  I should have stocked up as I’m sure this one is going to go fast once word gets out.

This is far from your average sub-$10 Bordeaux.  I had to check my receipt to be sure I had the price right after I got into the wine a bit.  It’s actually a rather elegant, well balanced wine that could command a price tag closer to $20 and still please.

Dusty, earthy and spicy on the nose with flavors of dark fruit, blackberry and a little plum in the mouth.  The wine finishes dusty and dry again, lending it to be a great food complement even though it’s well made enough to easily enjoy on its own.

I gave it a 45 minute decant which helped it open up a little further.  Overall, a great buy here on a bottle that could easily impress at higher prices.

I love when these wines sneak into Costco in the cheap seats (the non wooden bins).  Many people won’t roll the dice since they may not be familiar with what to expect from a Bordeaux from a producer they don’t instantly recognize.

But keep an eye out for this one.  I feel pretty confident you’ll be surprised what you get here for $6.99.  Uncovering wines like this is one of our favorite aspects to this site. Rating: 89 points

Costco item number: 1185675

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA