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2013 Louis Latour Pinot Noir “Les Bastides”

2013 Louis Latour Pinot Noir “Les Bastides”

I was very happy to see this wine when it appeared in various Costcos a few weeks ago. The only other two red Burgundies that have been in stock near me are $20 & $60. The $10 price for “Les Bastides” is a lot friendlier to my wallet.

This is a little young but still ready to drink now. I let it open for about an hour and could tell no discernible difference from the first few sips that I had right away. The nose is barnyard, black pepper, oregano, & strawberries. The palate is light, dry, & simple. The tannins are somewhat elegant for this price point and the wine is well structured. The finish is tart and slightly bitter. I happen to really like bitter foods and don’t mind this in a wine, so I could drink this all evening. I think the takeaway is that this wine is simple but of good quality. I will definitely buy it again.

I would hesitate to serve this at a party where food wasn’t involved. A dry Pinot Noir like this calls for hard cheeses, roast chicken, and pizza. It would go well with an interesting green salad I think also.

For those of you who love a good Oregon Pinot, I would give this a try. It’s a light-bodied and fairly smooth expression without the back-end sweetness that you often get from California Pinot Noir.

This wine has been in stock for a few weeks already and has been popular, but there is still a decent amount left in the few clubs that I frequent. Drink it now or hold for the next few years.

CostcoWineBlog Rating: 88 points
ABV: 13%

Costco item number: 1021686

Note: a reader pointed out that this wine, from well known Burgundy producer Louis Latour, is actually from Coteaux du Verdon, which is not Burgundy, but instead in Provence.

mike m

Sunday 12th of February 2017

While Latour is a respected Burgundy house, and this is a Pinot Noir, its appellation looks to be Coteaux du Verdon, which is not Burgundy, but instead in Provence. But hey, if Latour can make solid and affordable pinot outside Burgundy, who am I to complain?


Monday 13th of February 2017

Mike, thanks for the info and you are absolutely right. I'll add a clarification to the story. Glad you could help us learn more about this wine and region.

A Monteith

Wednesday 8th of February 2017

It would be helpful to disclose Costco's item number. When Costco employee's try to locate this at one of their stores they have a difficult time sorting through all varieties of Pinot Noir available in their region. The item number simplifies the search.


Wednesday 8th of February 2017

Hi, thanks for the note. We always try to include the item number when we can. I will update the post when we get it.

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