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2013 Kirkland Signature Series Russian River Chardonnay

2013 Kirkland Signature Series Russian River Chardonnay

2013 Kirkland Signature Russian River ChardonnayLast year the Kirkland Russian River Chardonnay (2012 vintage) was a much discussed topic on the site.  I reviewed it and really enjoyed it.  One of our other reviewers Michael, felt differently, that the wine was dry and lacking real character.  So when I saw the 2013 vintage hit my Costco, I knew it had to be explored (and I look forward to Michael chiming in once again on this one once he’s had a chance to sample it).

I like this year’s wine, but perhaps not as much as I did in 2012.  This is still a good buy at $13, although not quite as complex as last year.  If you enjoy Russian River Chardonnay then you know there are few priced this low, and I think this is still a safe buy.  Not incredible, but pretty good at this price.

Light aromas again on the nose, not too much drawing you in; kind of a stony, minerality.  What I think this wine has is balance. It’s not too much of anything.  Flavor is there, mostly apple, pear, a touch of lime perhaps.  Small amount of oak and cream on the finish.  The finish dies a little faster than I remember last year’s wine doing. If you like big oak/butter, this one is not for you.  It’s more of a Sauvignon Blanc drinkers Chardonnay.

Last year I went 90 points (which looking back was pretty high), but I’m going to have to come down a bit on this one.  It’s not a bad wine.  I’d just like to see a bit more going on, more complexity to suck you in, more of that signature Russian River vibe. Rating: 87 Points

Costco item number: 789895

Our review of the 2012 Vintage.


Wednesday 17th of June 2015

I think you nailed this review. I reviewed it last year and wasn't so impressed with the 2012. The important thing about this chardonnay is that it is more French than Russian River, in style. It is relatively light, under-oaked and nicely balanced. On its own, the wine wasn't great. With food, it took on an entirely nicer demeanor. A really nice food wine. At $13, it competes nicely with some Burgundies, but it didn't knock my socks off. 87 points is a fair evaluation.

Sam Cochran

Monday 8th of June 2015

Don't see this one in my store, but I have picked up a few bottles of the 2013 Kirkland Sonoma Chardonnay, and for $6.99 it is a winner for a summer house white.

Joe Roberts

Monday 8th of June 2015

My palate gets worn out with all the over-oaked Chardonnays, and I find this one totally refreshing. It is not "big" and that is its virtue. Rather it is clean and minerally, slight oak, decent fruit----overall great balance. I'm buying more of it.


Monday 8th of June 2015

Thanks for your notes. I'd say we're on the same page with this wine.

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