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2012 Sparrow Hawk Reserve Chardonnay

2012 Sparrow Hawk Reserve Chardonnay

Sparrow Hawk 2012 Reserve ChardonnayThe Sparrow Hawk doesn’t actually exist.  In the U.S. it is a misnomer for the sharp-shinned hawk, although it might also be used to refer to a kestral or a Cooper’s hawk.   In sharp contrast to misnamed birding designations, 2012 Sparrow Hawk Reserve Chardonnay actually does exist and is being sold at Costco for $12.99.

At this $13 price point, Sparrow Hawk offers a very good value.  Even though it is a Sonoma- sourced wine, this is not a typical California butter-bomb.  Instead it offers a crisp fruitiness with some apple and pear notes.  It has a very nice finish – smooth but not too rich.  The Costco wine buyers appear to have found a very nicely balanced chardonnay whose quality far exceeds its price point.

I sampled it over two days, with the second day shared among friends.   It actually tasted just as good on its second day. It could pass for a decent $25 chardonnay, but now available at Costco for half that price.  Worth a try.

— Michael S

Rating:  90  (for value)

Price: $12.99

Purchased at Costco in: San Diego, California