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2011 Kirkland Signature Napa County Cabernet Sauvignon

2011 Kirkland Signature Napa County Cabernet Sauvignon


As the nights get colder in Southern California, sitting down with a bottle of red wine on a Saturday evening sounds better and better.  I’ve had this Kirkland Napa County Cabernet on hand for about two weeks and decided tonight was the night to take it out for a spin.

As I poured what would be my first taste, the wine color was deep purple and it’s nose exhibited traditional black fruited currant flavors.  Unfortunately, my first sip was disappointing.  Maybe I expected more because the Kirkland brand has delivered some great value wines, but this one clearly needed some time to open up and figure out how it wanted to present itself.  To those that pop and pour, beware.  If you judge it right out of the bottle you will be disappointed.

For those just getting into red wine, that brings up an important point.  After being in a bottle a while, most wines need time to open up and let being exposed to air do it’s thing.  Couldn’t be truer in the case of this wine.  I decided to decant the bottle and forget about it a couple hours.

Coming back to the wine and starting over gave it a second chance to impress.  This wine has some good qualities, but they seem out of order.  There’s a quick rush of black fruit which isn’t as ripe as I hoped and held it back.  Before I could think more about the fruit, I was greeted with traces of oak and chocolate, soon to be followed by a surprising tasty dusty cocoa flavor that lingered momentarily (which happened to be my favorite part).

This wine sells for $12.99 and I’ve seen it at a few Costcos.  Give it a good amount of time and it will not disappoint in the end considering you don’t have high expectations.
— Adam L

Rating 86 Points