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2011 Can Blau Montsant

2011 Can Blau Montsant


Anytime I see a new Spanish wine at Costco I’m immediately intrigued (especially at 15.5% alc).  Among the pallets and pallets of wine was this unassuming, under the radar Spanish blend going for $11.99.

This wine is 40% Mazuelo, 40% Syrah, and 20% Garnacha.  Mazuelo is the name used for Carignan in the Rioja region of northern Spain.  It’s also the third most planted varietal in Spain.  Because of it’s strong acidity it’s most often used as a blending grape.  The nose gives off an aroma of fruit and acidity.  I was surprised that after a few minutes of air how the garnacha started to show itself and complement the strong acidity.  In between the Syrah was well represented carrying the fruit through to a short, chalky finish.  Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at the blend of these grapes.

I’m curious to see what a little less Mazuelo and a little more Garnacha would do to this wine.  Maybe next year…
— Adam L

Rating 88