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2010 Columbia Crest H3 Chardonnay

2010 Columbia Crest H3 Chardonnay


Reviewed by Michael S

Combine a very good value wine at Costco with a $2.00 discount and you’ve got one tasty treat. First, my bias disclaimer: I’ve been very impressed with Columbia Crest’s H3 line of wines over the years. They’ve offered one of my favorite Merlots and their Cabernet Sauvs have been quite nice.

Costco is now offering the 2010 H3 Chardonnay for less than $9 during a time-limited $2.00 sale so I had to try it out. The two-day tasting verdict: this is one helluva a rich California-style chardonnay despite its Washington origin. It sports apples, peaches, minerals and lots of butter without the oak-overload that plagues some California chards.

It is a nicely balanced wine with just the right amount of fruit and acid graced by a lovely mouthfeel and long finish. I sampled it over two days, with the second day shared among friends. It was the hands-down favorite of everyone who tried it. It would be a wonderful accompaniment to paired with poultry, vegetables and some mild-tasting fish.

During this sale, it may be worth buying a case or two of this chardonnay….but it remains a great value even without the sale price.

Rating: 92 (for value)
Price: $8.80
Costco Item #: 283743
Purchased at Costco in: San Diego, California