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2009 Flora Springs Trilogy

2009 Flora Springs Trilogy


Great price on this one at Costco. I found it at a Reno, NV Costco for $39.99. Online it looks like $50+. And it’s a very nice wine for the money.

Comprised of Cabernet, Merlot and Malbec the wine is very elegant and soft while possessing layers of flavor and spice. Nose is a little Malbecy, some spice and earth; in the mouth the wine is just luscious; soft tannins, gentle. Flavors of dark fruit, blueberry, a little cherry; coats the mouth nicely into a dry lasting finish. Amazing balance of all these elements. This is a very nice wine.

For $40 it is just what you want. Glad I picked this one up and know about it now. A good one to impress your boss if they like wine. Rating: 94 Points