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2009 Chateau Clement Saint-Jean Medoc Bordeaux

2009 Chateau Clement Saint-Jean Medoc Bordeaux
clement1179718340 Another good Bordeaux option from Costco at $11.79. A Cru Bourgeois priced this low is a rarity. The wine is very nice after a little air. I could tell after the pour that there was something nice hiding in the bottle. But it took a good 20-30 minutes with occasional swirling to bring this one to life.

Nose was interesting, almost had a little cinnamon to it; in the mouth the wine felt a little dry and tight at first.  After some time with it, the flavors mid-palate really began to open up.  This wine accelerates and decelerates rather quickly.  But it’s a fun ride.

Mostly Cabernet in the blend, the flavors are really nice.  Juicy red fruit, leather undertones, lots of spice and a little of that cinnamon on the close.  This was a fun wine to review, and a solid pick for under $12. Rating: 89 Points

Costco item number: 718340