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    Oop’s on digging in a bit deeper I see you’ve already added some comments. Sorry for the repeat Query.


    Any insight on locally stocked wines by region?

    Since recently moving from the west coast (Carlsbad, CA) back to the Midwest and having an opportunity to shop 5-6 different Costco’s (1 in CA, 3 in mid-to-southern Wisconsin and 2 in Northern Illinois I see shockingly different wine selection. Many smoking wines can be only found in a couple (of the 5) stores. Certainly there are many – perhaps 50-60% that are common – but a good 30-40% that appear to be regional or even more highly localized.

    Clearly your wine reviews can only be based on those wines found in your local area.

    Any thoughts, input or insight on this phenomenon?

    BTW – Excellent blog – I award you #3 points. Keep up the good work. 😉

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