Very Fine Macon Chardonnay

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    On a recent Saturday I made my usual visit to Costco after I finished delivering joy and happiness for FedEx. While I’m an equal opportunity wine taster, I lean heavily toward French wines, especially for Chardonnay.

    So when I noticed the 2016 Vire-Clesse made by Chanson from the Macon area of Burgundy on the shelf, I had to have it. And for $13.69 (as I recall), it’s a whoppingly good white Burgundy. I’ve had boatloads of dreck from there that cost much more.

    Macon whites are Chardonnay, typically made in stainless steel tanks. Oak ageing is allowed, but not often done.

    Anyway, this wine has the typical Macon “bite,” which is an initial, focused sharpness. Very dry, it continues with a penetrating melange of white fruit and perfectly balanced acidity and alcohol. It is a delight to drink and finishing the bottle is not an issue. I highly recommend this wine.



    I’ve tried a few dozen times to upload a photo of this wine, but I can’t.

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