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Two more Kirkland wines available

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    I picked these up in Indy on Michigan Road the other day. The Castleton location does not have them (as of today). Go figure.

    2016 Kirkland Signature Gigondas $14.99

    2012 Kirkland Signature Gran Reserva Ribera del Duero Gran Reserva $13.99
    I enjoyed the 2011, and still have a bottle left. Hoping this one delivers too.



    How’s the Gigondas?



    Anxious to find these. Let us know how they are if you have a chance to open them.



    Grabbed a few bottles of both from Indy Southside. Drank the Ribera this evening. Granted it’s been a year since I had last year’s offering, but this doesn’t seem as exciting. Good. Not stellar. Glad I still have a couple bottles of last year’s!



    Still looking for that Ribera near me…



    I went back to that Costco soon after to get more Ribera and they were out. I still haven’t tried it. I suspect the quantities are limited, but it’s hit and miss what you find on most days.



    IMO, the 2011 and 2012 for the Kirkland Signature Ribera del Duero Gran Reserva were much better than suggested by their respective ratings. Back in 2017, the road took me across four states and I loaded up and enjoyed the 2011 throughout many months.

    The 2012 has been hard to find but nevertheless I was able to get some. It is delicious as well, except for one anomaly – a bottle that had a different serial number and a different cork; it was terrible. As mentioned in the 2011 vintage’s comments, there were two or three corks used back then (which likely suggests volume).

    One would think that to merit the Kirkland brand there would need to be volume. I remain optimistic (wishful) that the 2012 may reappear in stores.

    If I find the 2012, I will stock up since according to the WS Vintage Chart, the 2013 vintage for R d Duero (in general, region-wise) is deemed inferior – 2013 is rated 84, whereas 2012 is a 91 and 2011 a 92.


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