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    I was sorry to find out today that my Costco in Virginia has discontinued their Kirkland Pinot Grigio! I see posts from June 2018 where folks also stated the same surprise, it was a great wine for the price, I just loved it! I hope Costco reconsiders their decision!



    Yep. Just got back from DC Costco. No Kirkland Pinot Grigio. We always kept a couple bottles on hand.



    Went to Costco in DC this morning, and discovered that the Kirkland California Pinot Grigio is back. Only it is now a 3 liter box for about $13.



    I just picked up 9 bottles (2019 vintage) this last Wednesday at the Medford, OR Costco. Sorry to hear of your loss… hopefully it will come back in stock soon. Maybe they are switching over to 3 liter boxes? …which would be okay with me especially at an even lower cost. It is a nice everyday drinking wine and the $5.99 cost/bottle is a great value.


    Maria in MSP

    I think there’s some confusion about a couple of things regarding the Kirkland Pinot Grigios at Costco!

    1. There are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Pinot Grigios under the Kirkland label: The kind in a box is from California; the Kirkland Signature, in the bottle, is from Italy, in this case, the region of Friuli.

    2. In the case of the bottled Signature PG from Italy, I don’t think “discontinued” is the right word. It’s just gone for the season– in other words, they’ve run out! That happens with all the Signature wines– Costco buys a season’s worth of whatever it is from Italy or France or Argentina, and we get all excited when it appears, and buy it up. And then it’s gone, until next year.

    3. I doubt the Signature PG from Italy will ever appear in a box. It may be only $6/bottle, but it’s still one of the “premium” Kirkland wines for Costco. The California PG is their box PG, and I doubt that will ever change.

    4. I can’t recall the last time I bought a Pinot Grigio– there’s been so much cheap, disheartening PG out there for 20 years that I never consider it! I think I’ll actually risk $6 on a bottle this year, though. 😉

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