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Other things besides wine you should buy at Costco

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    A few of my favorites: wild salmon, organic extra virgin olive oil, rotisserie chickens, ground bison, Dubliner cheese, Eggs, Don Pablo coffee, 100ct Aluminum foil drip pans (fit a Green Egg perfectly), organic spinach, and just fun the Italian leather belt I have on that is fantastic.



    Cat litter – 42lbs for 11.99 (name brand) in my local Costco (south Sarasota).

    Also, Kirkland organic FF yogurt, and Lactaid FF milk.


    Erin Reyes

    My favorites: Kirkland Caesar Salad Mix, Croissants, Kirkland Colombia Coffee, Pimento Cheese (can’t remember the brand but it comes in a tub w/an orange lid), disposable travel coffee cups, and diapers!



    Based on price and quality, I’m always a repeat shopper for Kirkland organic fat free plain yogurt, lactaid fat-free milk, and the 24oz back of Asian salad mix.



    They sell things besides wine? Kidding of course. Water, cheeses, frozen lasagna, potting soil and plants (hit and miss what is available), pineapples, canned beans and tomatoes, etc.

    You really can’t go wrong with anything you purchase from Costco.



    I second the frozen lasagna. Also Pete and Pat’s pierogis when they have them and of course the Kirkland golf balls online when they have them.



    Spooky how close the OP is to my Costco staples. We get the grass fed organic ground beef instead of bison, plus mixed greens and bag of bacon crumbles, and no belt. Otherwise, the same. Love Don Pablo!

    Great job with the website. Thanks.



    I haven’t been finding the ground bison lately at the two northern Indianapolis stores. I guess I can ask them about it, but was wondering it this was happening at other Costco’s as well.
    Also, I would love to find Pacific Salmon (fresh). Is this available elsewhere? Is it a seasonal thing?



    So many things: organic frozen chicken breasts, Organic gorund beef, organic ginger, Trident Seafood pollock burgers, Parmagiano Reggiano, Organic EVOO, sardines, Wild Planet tuna, Kirkland canned pink salmon, Tasty Bite Vegetable Tikka Masala, Litehouse freeze dried herbs, all the great veggies from Windset Farms.

    So, I spend way too much money at Costco… They also have great deals on stemless wine glasses. We just picked up the Mikasa Czech Lead Free Crystal glasses at 19.99 for 6. Before that we had the Schott Zweissel which were nicer but not available.

    Great web site! Thanks.

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