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Manzanita 2017 Cloud Buster Zinfandel (Old Vine)

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    Our philosophy is simple, start out with the best grapes we can find.

    The majority of our grapes come from independent growers that are known for their love of what they do, they share our vision to produce the best. Our winemaking practices are bent on quality, fanatical some say…we’re not driven by the bottom line. We employ modern as well as ancient techniques in our winemaking, and grape growing. We sort of wear blinders, we don’t pay attention to what everybody else is doing. We have noticed a pattern over the years, a large number of wineries and grape growers are affected by what others do and say…the latest trend, the hottest varietal, the newest process. There’s no shortage of opinions out there, alcohol to high or pH to low, filtered or unfiltered.

    Winemaking is primarily the same as it was since before the birth of Christ…it’s an organic process, totally natural. It’s the winemaker’s perception of quality that makes the difference, it’s our definition of what tastes good, same as yours — that’s what matters in the end. Put our wines to the test and see if we’re good enough to be your winemakers.

    Manzanita Cloud Burst Zin

    History of the Winery/AVA/Vineyard: Healdsburg, Sonoma

    Brothers Jack and William Salerno have been making delicious wines at their Dry Creek Valley winemaking facility since 2001. With backgrounds in construction and painting, the Salerno brothers might not seem the likeliest of winemakers, but they credit the skills they acquired in their previous industries–precision, perseverance and risk taking–with their success at Manzanita Creek Winery. Their passion for zinfandel and other bold red grapes that thrive in Dry Creek Valley is evident in the excellent wines these self-taught winemakers are making.

    The Salernos have never sought to make wines that please critics–their success has come by making wines that pleased themselves. In their second year as a winery, one of their reds appeared on the San Francisco Chronicle’s “Top 100” list. As Jack says, “Boutique wines shouldn’t mean snobbery. Instead, boutique wines should mean authenticity. We source our grapes from locally- owned vineyards in Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley. We’re here to make some of the finest wine in the heart of Wine Country.”

    Since they first laid eyes on Dry Creek Valley, in 1990, the Salerno brothers knew they wanted to make wine. Their flagship wine is the Dry Creek Valley Carreras Old Vine Zinfandel, sourced from a vineyard planted in 1905.

    The winery production facility is at the north end of the quaint town of Healdsburg in Sonoma County, California. In July of 2015, William and Jack opened their main tasting room at 8910 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood, California, in the Sonoma Valley.

    “William and I have always strived to the best at what we do, we have a no holds barred approach to any challenge we face….we we’re challenged to make the best, and that’s what we do.” The Brothers Salerno continue to seek out new varietals and are always looking at ways to exceed at bringing their best to their fans. In 2014 we accessed an absolute jewel of a vineyard in the Rockpile region of the Dry Creek Valley and are very excited about its potential as our flagship offering, the wine we made from these grapes has definitely exceeded our expectations…in a word—WOW!

    As founders, owners, and winemakers at Salerno Healdsburg Estate Winery, D.O.M.. William and Jack Salerno produce world-class wines under Manzanita Creek Winery, Lex Julia Wine Company and Silhouette of Sonoma Wines.

    Wine Maker: Brothers Jack and William Salerno

    Costco Notes: None

    Left Coast Tasting Notes:

    Time on Gas: 36 hours

    Color:  Beautiful purple garnet color, a little lighter than a normal old vine Zinfandel.

    Nose (aromas):   Pulling the cork and letting this wine sit in the glass, even from a distance you could pick up the black fruit. The nose had hints of black berries, raspberries, with an overall slight “Jammy” smell. Our second pour did not deteriorate the nose nor did it improve it, which is just fine.

    Palate (flavors): This is a punch in the mouth Zinfandel, lots going on here. You get the expected pepper finish of a Zinfandel combined with nice fruit.  Although a little tight at first, this wine does open up and becomes very smooth.  The gassed bottle was noticeably softer with identifiable blackberry on the front end with a bold mouth feel and lovely finish. We think you will enjoy this wine after it has time with air to open up.

    Grapes: Old Vine Zinfandel (Vines planted in 1905 from the literature we found)

    Summary: It is hard not to like an old vine Zinfandel.  This wine is a great value with several of our tasting panel in Costco after the tasting. For the price; a great value.  It is complex and smooth with all the characteristics of an old vine Zinfandel.  This could be a sipping wine on a cool afternoon as well as a nice complement to any Italian spicy food.

    Rating:  Thursday afternoon

    ( Vivino 3.8)

    Costco SKU: 1440555

    Price: $8.99 with automatic coupon

    Store Location: Danville, CA

    Date of Tasting: 9/17/2021

    Tasting Panel: M.S., B.H., D.C., L.F., C.P.,B.I., B.T.,M.W.,M.L.,M.C.,J.N.

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